7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Perception is everything  "change your world by changing your perception" <ol> <li>Be proactive</li> </ol> "You are the programmer" We are responsible for our responses and reaction which are the opportunity for happiness and and growth. "Between stimulus and response is our greatest power: the freedom to choose" Having purpose for the future allows us to response in a serving way today. Love is a verb first start with the action and then the feeling follows. "Love the feeling comes with serving and sacrificing" <ol start="2"> <li>Start with the end in mind</li> </ol> "Write the program" What is the vision? What are we What is the principle (centred values)? How do we go about it By answering this we can climb a ladder we actually want to rise up to "Measure 2 cut once" When writing a mission statement write the ends and the means (vision and principle) &nbsp; Think about 4 needs: Live Love Learn Legacy Also consider all your roles Take time to write the missions for yourself then the family and then everything you are in a team in. Make sure its a collaborative process and it is always visited and not ignored

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