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Here’s a brief understanding of how we work at HardMagic and our intent moving forward over the next 10 years. We will open the minds of people and enlighten them to the Om Vibration through various books, magazines, podcasts, and other written works.
We will categorize our books in an easy to digest curriculum so students may know which reading material is best to start with and progress on their journey of enlightenment.

These works will vary between non-fiction publications by gurus and ancient teachings to contemporary works of fiction with subtle teachings.

We are non-denominational with the desire to spread love, remind people of how the world functions, and provide accurate statistics and unbiased research of our history.

Our fictional books are presented to those seeking knowledge of the lower chakras where we cover the root, sacral, and solar plexus. We will even write transitional books that help carry people through different dimensions such as that seen between chakra 3-4 and 6-7 and 7-8.

Multi-dimensional trilogies will be given focus that carry a fictional character through a journey of enlightenment.
A few of these trilogies include:

The Tango Teacher
The Summit of Success
The Fire Within

These books will be written over a 10 year period and staff will work to provide harmony from one book to the next & ensure all information looks as if presented from one author, one voice, one tone.

Each series will have a primary book that caters to mass consumption with 2nd and 3rd books which further narrow their focus of audience. This allows the masses to learn and engage in the primary book. If they learn with the main character, then the following books will be interesting to them and help them on their own Chakra journey, too.

While we use the Chakra system, this in no way ties our teachings to Hinduism or other religions. We simply use age-old teaching pedagogy as a reference point. We include all religions, races, and genders in our teaching.

Diatonic Tones
However, we also have a keen desire to teach people about Diatonic Tones. In all of life, there is a yin/yang, male/female, yes/no resonance to the harmony of our universe. In the whole, these blend and dance with each other, though the basics of life on a fundamental level show us that many species have evolved away from asexual beings to embody the diatonic genders we now experience.

While the rest of the world is embracing gender equality, we fully support gender separation. Not that any gender is better than the other, but showing that genders have very distinct roles which are very different from one another. This is important to know in working with us as we are NOT LGBTQ Friendly. While we are loving & accepting of all things in life, we perceive today’s current concept of gender equality & the LGBQ crowd trying to remove the concept of gender specialized roles in our society. While every species has had gay/lesbian or deformations at birth – these are the exceptions to the rule which do not carry the species forward and help it evolve. We see LGBTQ as an illness which is far away from the Om Vibration. When in Om, one is in harmony with their hormones and doesn’t have discrepancy on their gender or intimate connection. Intimacy, at its root, is beautiful when it flows with carrying the alpha of the species forward and is respected when it revolves around procreation.

As LGBTQ is for pleasure only, it is out of the Om Vibration. In Yoga, this is known as Bhoga. In Western Society, Bhoga is glorified. You are taught to be beautiful, have a fast car, big house, lots of money, and a lot of fun. Yoga is the opposite of Bhoga. The opposite of Western culture is better known as Tyaga. It is the concept of having without. Having only what carries our species forward and loving that with no need for pleasure. You have pleasure simply by giving to the world and being of the world. While westerners look at other countries as poor, those countries look at western society being void of Tyaga. We are here to enlighten westerners of the beauty, simplicity, and inner peace found with Tyaga mindset.

Our focus at HardMagic is to enlighten humanity into evolving our species further with books that provide wisdom to nourish families, communities, and individuals. This nourishment comes when we learn that we already evolved from an asexual being. We realized we can accomplish more when we play separate roles in life and allow one gender to completely birth and carry forward our species while other chromosomes were given to the other gender. These other chromosomes allowed that portion of the species (the male) to evolve and have more muscle, more strategy, more long-term awareness as to protect the female while she nourishes the offspring.

We fully support this mode of families and communities where women are praised for their ability to mother. We provide jobs and training so that the women in our workforce may work from home at any point in their career so they may still contribute in work while also giving their house full priority.

As studies have shown the pheromones mothers give off help teach their infants. With mother away at work, even with a great father at home – we are missing out on key elements for our species. We do not desire our women to live busy lives to the point they must freeze their breast milk or cause babies to miss out on the pheromone bonding with mother.

Before parenting, we fully support both genders role-playing and actively engaging in all facets of life. Our entire model is designed around the idea that you must experience EVERYTHING to understand even 1 thing about life. If you are trying to cook the best chicken ever, the best way to know is to eat every other style of food of every culture & then come back to your chicken with world-wisdom.

Once someone decides to become a parent, we see their role in society changing with more focus on the children. This focus comes through study and preparation before family starts and lasts 20 years after the child is born. It is quite the commitment, though we are an evolved species that is fully ready for this responsibility. We see women who are extremely strong in the work force as neglecting their mothering duties in many ways. Using the left side of her brain all day long can create an imbalance that doesn’t provide a creative environment for the child to explore all facets of life needed.  We are accepting of all, we just life coach people so they can have better duality in their own homes where a mother and a father both always contribute to the upbringing of the children.  If this doesn’t sound plausible in your scenario, then do not contribute to our future offspring 🙂

A family is most successful when it has a nourishing mother present and a father who focuses on providing an environment for the upbringing of offspring to take place. Taken out of context, this may seem one-dimensional. However, nature has proven that when we fully respect the other gender’s role in society, we may flourish and awaken to new heights.

We may reach a time when we evolve into a new species once again that is asexual or even turn to plasma form of energy. Until that time is reached, HardMagic respects mothers for being mothers and really empowers their love for children, education, and nourishing our future generations. We also respect man’s ability to have foresight into generations forward and what we as a species will become. Man’s ability to protect his family, provide structure and stability for them, and put food on the table without letting emotions deter him from his family. This duality is a beautiful harmony we have fallen away from and through our storytelling, it is our goal as HardMagic to remind our culture of our roots so we may progress as a species and enjoy our natural instincts to mother, father, and love.

This is simply an overview and we look forward to seeing how our company helps spread love, wisdom, and our our species evolve to new heights on our Yogic Journey here on Earth.

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